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Selling Probate Property in Texas

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Selling probate property in Texas can be a headache for some who do not understand what to do, first. Yes, it is a bit different than simply selling your house with any realtor, as you have rules to follow, such as if there is a Will and Last Testament of the deceased. Should there be no Will and Last Testament of the deceased, then you in good shape, as for selling

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Tips to Stop Foreclosure in Dallas, Tx.

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Tips to Stop Foreclosure in Dallas, Tx. Tips to stop foreclosure in Dallas, Tx. When you receive your Notice of Default from your Deed of Trust-Promissory Note Trustee, not all is lost. You can stop foreclosure in Dallas, Tx., but you do have to do some work. Are you ready? Most homeowners are afraid to put in the work it will take to stop foreclosure on their home. After missing

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Selling Your House But Don’t Know Where to Start?

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Where to Start When Selling a House  Selling your house but don’t know where to start?” You’re not the only one trying to sell your house and not know where to start. Many first time home sellers have the same problem. We have put together this article to hopefully help you, the first time home seller. Most homeowners will buy and live in they’re first home for up to 15

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We Buy Probate Houses and Property

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Need to sell your House or Probate Property? We buy probate houses and property. While we pay cash for homes. When selling your probate property or other assets that are left behind when a person dies, we often ask ourselves, ‘what am I going to do with this property”? Well, the first thing you do is run the Will and Testament through what is called Probate Court. Now you ask, “what is

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