Did You Inherit a House You Don’t Want?

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Did You Inherit a House You Don’t Want?

Did you inherit a house you don’t want and never wanted in the first place, and you can’t get rid of the house? Believe it or not, this happens to many people!  Good news is… We buy houses in Dallas  from people in situations just like yours.  We buy homes in Dallas that other’s just don’t seem to want to touch. So yes, you can sell a house fast in Dallas, Tx. Robert Buys Houses DFW is a local house buying business that helps homeowners in Dallas sell their unwanted property fast, without the headaches. When we buy houses in Dallas , we want to breathe new life into the house starting from scratch. We need to modernize the house with as much safety, structural, electrical and any modern residential upgrades as necessary, sot that our finished project is ready and appealing for the new homeowner.

Many of the house we buy are very outdated, and have many many issues of repairs, and are just not safe to live in. With that, it doesn’t prevent us from wanting to buying houses. We buy ugly houses in Dallas regardless of how much work is involved with the house. We buy houses  and take care of any and all problems, no matter the property condition.

House Interior

Once we have purchased a house (ugly or not) and turned the house into beautiful home, in a nice neighborhood, it sells itself. But to watch a house go from ugly, dilapidated, to a fresh and vibrant lively home that will be a fun place to live, is very fulfilling for us. We have been buying and selling houses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area since 2001. Properties ranging from multi-family (apartments) to single family homes. We have purchased every type of residence there is. With great planning and a(2) great crews who continue working with us for many reasons. One is that we keep our crews busy. They listen to what we want with each house, and they perform exactly how we expect them to perform and complete each project as expected.


So, did you inherit a house you don’t want? If yes, you have a house that does have sentimental value to you, maybe you grew up in that house or had loved ones living in the house. Many of our customers have been in the same position and when they see what and how we have transformed the house, or the end project. They are always simply amazed! We like to share our end project with the property seller once we are finished, or they can come walk through the newly transformed house before we put it on the market for sale. Sometimes our customers will turn into buyers after the tour of the newly transformed house. Nothing new for us at Robert Buys Houses DFW. We love to watch their faces change colors. We hope you give us the opportunity to do the same with you.

When it comes to selling your Dallas, Texas house, one size does not fit all. As a matter of fact, one size does not even fit most of the time. See, too many so called real estate investors or we buy houses in Dallas  types, have only one strategy in mind. They make you a low-ball offer to buy your and hope that you will accept. At Robert Buys Houses DFW we not only make you a fair cash offer, but if there are other options for you, we will take the time to explain those options to you. Options such as ‘Seller Financing‘, where you can provide the buyer with the option to buy with a down payment and make monthly payments to you. Or Subject 2, where we take over your mortgage payments and find a tenant in place for you, who continues to pay the mortgage. These both guaranteed options for you.

Now if the house needs many repairs or major renovations, we cannot go this route. But it does work with houses that are in nice livable condition. You see we buy houses in Dallas  for a many reasons. These are two of those reasons. They each help you as the owner and they help the buyers who are hoping to buy a house for the first  time. It’s the American Dream, home ownership! Again, did you inherit a house you don’t want?


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