Expensive Home Repairs Can Break the Bank

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Most Expensive Home Repairs and Cost

You can ask HomeAdvisor about what the most expensive home repairs are and the cost as they are the source for price ranges. Here, Robert Buys Houses DFW brings you an assortment of home repairs and cost. Should you decide that it’s better to sell your house in Dallas to an investor house buyer, we buy houses in Dallas .

First, here is a brief overview of each repair and the cost associated with those repairs. Local home inspectors tell us that, the average yearly cost of home repairs and maintenance is between 2 percent to 4 percent of the home value. Let’s look at a $200,000 home, that comes to $8,000 in repairs every year. Now, with that, what you need to know is about the most expensive cost. Expensive home repairs can break the bank.

Today’s post is about saving money by catching repairs that need to be made early on. having t=any of the following problems checked at least every other year, depending on the age of your home. Regular check ups can save you money.

Take the Roof of your home: Cost $150 to $5,000 on average.

With different reason that the roof needs to be maintained along with repairs, maybe a water leak, you may even be able to repair that yourself. But, if your roof has been damaged by weather and needs a full replacement, chances are insurance will cover it, but if you have no insurance, the price can run $5,000 to $15,000 depending on this size of your roof. With that said, we buy houses in Dallas  if you think it is better to sell your house in Dallas, Tx.

Then there’s Foundation problems: Repairs Cost $500 to $12,000 again depending on the size of the foundation problem.  Expensive Home Repairs Can Break the Bank.

Your home’s foundation issues can cause many structural problems if left unattended. Look around the exterior of your house. If you see cracks in the exterior walls, you have a problem. If you have cracks in the interior walls and doors are not opening and closing properly, or the flooring is sinking, gaps in window frames, you have foundation problem(s). You need to repair those problems quickly. Get several work repair bids angieslist can help. Or, you can sell your house in Dallas , we buy houses in Dallas for cash , fast. So if you think that you have a foundation problem, call on professional foundation repair companies in your area. they will be able to inspect (free of charge)and tell you what needs to be repaired. Expensive home repairs can break the bank.

expensive_home_repairs_can_break_the bank

More Exterior Repairs

Siding Repairs: $100 to $16,000 depending on how much siding is on your house.

Siding is simply a protective material on the exterior of your house, it can also lower the price of the house or bring it higher, depending on the age, color and style of siding. Siding is built from tough materials which is made to with stand harsh weather conditions.

So, depending on what type of material the siding consist of, the damage it can with stand will be different as will the repair cost. Wood siding can rot, chip, warp and split in two. Aluminum siding can dent, but is easier to repair. When there is minimal damage, you not need to make any repairs. Though, you do need to repair the siding if you plan on selling your house, as it will affect curb appeal and asking price. We buy ugly houses in Dallas  and we would be interested in buying your house in what ever condition it is in today. Otherwise, you may run the risk of only receiving a few off priced offers from scared buyers. The rest of the buyers won’t even get out of their cars to look.

About Driveway Repairs: $300 to $5,000

If your house is losing it’s curb appeal, your ugly driveway could be the reason. Time to fix the driveway. Repairing a driveway is for sure a daunting task. Homeowners sometimes don’t where or what to start with, because there are several facts to take into consideration.

First, any driveway repair cost will depend on the type of material with which the driveway is built with.Is it gravel, concrete, dirt, or brick? Dirt fill is the least expensive, while concrete can be the most expensive.

Second, you need to determine what problems your driveway is having. Does it sink or buckle? Does it have cracks, potholes? Or is it crumbling off? Each problem will have it’s own fix or repair solutions, which you need to know what the cost is to repair.

Third, you should have already asked yourself if the driveway needs to be repaired or replaced. If you are looking to sell your home, repairs or replacing the driveway may not be what you want to do. We buy ugly houses in Dallas  and we want to buy your house in it’s as-is-condition. Bad driveway and all. So, you can sell your house fast in Dallas  because we buy houses in Dallas . No need to make any repairs. because expensive home repairs can break the bank.

Heating and Air Conditioning Repairs:$100 to $2,000

Remember, if you are in Texas, you Do Not want to be without an air conditioner. With two main components being the electrical and pipe components, repairing either or both can be simple. If you know how!

Homeowners should be able to repair the HVAC system by replacing filters, fuses and clogged up drains. If yo have no experience with making home appliances repairs, calling a home repair service person is your best bet. try calling some of these handyman services. Remember, it’s not worth it to did it yourself if you have no to little experience.


Some Easier Home Repairs

Water Heater Repairs: $100 to $1,500

It’s not fun when you wake up and step into a cold shower. No hot water tells you, there is a water heater problem that needs to be fixed, and NOW! Fixing a water heater, first you will need to find out if it’s gas or electric. Both have the same life span of time and repair cost, they also have different types of parts and power sources. If you begin to have problems with a water heater that’s only a few years old, you should have a look at the warranty. Expensive home repairs can break the bank.

If you are considering selling your house, we buy houses in Dallas  and we buy ugly houses in Dallas . Remember, there are other items in the house that will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. The electrical system, it can cost you $125 to $5,000 depending on what needs to be worked.

The you have what nobody likes, Asbestos Removal: Cost $500 to $5,000 to remove that nasty asbestos from your home. If your hoe was built prior to 1970, there a good chance that asbestos may still be in your house. If the house has not been updated, you have a big problem. Keep in mind… we buy houses in Dallas and we buy ugly houses in Dallas  so, you don’t have to put up with all that nasty asbestos problems. Or, contact the professionals to remove it.

Mold removal cost: $400 to $1,000. That black fungus that lives on the walls in your home is call mold. Mold doesn’t need sunlight to survive, because it lives in dark ares around your house. Mold can be difficult to to tell if you have a big problem or not. If you or your Family is starting to have headaches,different health issues, allergic reactions, breathing problems, or starts having a burning sensations on their skin, you better contact a professional to test your house and remove that mold, NOW! either way you decide to go, we are here for you, as we buy houses in Dallas  and we want to buy your house. Expensive home repairs can break the bank.

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