Selling My Inherited House in Dallas

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Selling My Inherited House in Dallas

People call us every week saying “I’m selling my inherited house in Dallas”  and I need to sell it fast. Many people who inherit a property find it a very difficult task when they inherit property. Inherited or Probate property is 70% of our business. Due to that business, we explain to people when that tell us they are selling my inherited house in Dallas , that is not that difficult to do. Most of course have no Will from the deceased and are perplexed as what to do next. If you die in Texas without a Will, your property will go to your nearest relative (spouse, children ect..) under Texas State Law, called “intestate Succession”. Those properties or assets are only what you owned, in your name.

Most of the valuable assets that you owned will go through a Will, thus are not affected by the intestate succession.We buy houses in Dallas  that are inherited or have have gone through Probate Court. When we buy houses  from individuals who are trying to settling the Estate of a deceased relative, it is sometimes much easier when there is a Will. Then again, it’s sometimes easier to settle the Estate when there is no Will. Either way, the problems start when the whole Family, distant relatives included, want a piece of the pie, ($money$). With a Will, it is usually specified who gets what and how much money everybody will receive, due to what the deceased person outlined in his or her Will. Problem solved, correct? Maybe, depending on the Probate court decree and orders.

When there is No Will, and the deceased  is not survived by a spouse, descendants, parents or siblings, then the deceased person assets will go to the nieces and nephews. Should the decease have children, only those adult children of the deceased receive any money from the sale of real property. If one of the ‘adult children’ is deceased, then his or her children will receive and split what money goes to that adult child of the deceased. There is so much more to who gets what, and how.

What is needed with or without a Will, is the Affidavit of Heirship, which is provided by the Probate courts and or a title company or real estate Attorney who will be closing on the property. The Heirshp Affidavit is a legal document that allows for the transfer of property title.


Selling My Inherited House in Dallas

Once you have filed the Affidavit of Heirship with your title company, that is all you need in order to transfer the property title in to your name, or to sell a house fast in Dallas  to an investor or individual. Selling my inherited house in Dallas  means that you are ready to move forward and be done with that house. For us, we buy ugly houses in Dallas  and we are ready to buy your house quick! For many people, when inheriting an unwanted house it can be perplexing for them. Some say, “what do I do with this house?” or “can I sell my inherited house in Dallas”. All are at a cross roads sorta-speak, because may be there are not so good memories of that house, or maybe there are many great memories of that house and the person inheriting the house feels guilty for having to sell it. This happens all the time.

As with other States in America, Texas does have it’s own required or specific actions with regard to inherited property. For most, the process itself can be complicated and time consuming. With our busy lives, we normally don’t want to have to take the time to deal with this issue. Should you decide to keep the property, remember, there are some advantages to selling my inherited house in Dallas. Selling a house in Dallas  can be quick, if you sell your house fast in Dallas  to an investor. So let’s have a look at the advantages of selling my inherited house.

Advantages of Selling My Inherited House in Dallas

If there are ownership issues with the property, which do arise in these situations. Some family members are unsettled and mostly need to know what you plan to do with the property inherited. So you need to settle the matter without undue delay, which is very important. You will need to show your family the reasons why selling my inherited house in Dallas is best for all involved. As well, you need to show that are abiding by the Laws in Texas when doing so.

Now, if anybody is currently living in the house,   house. it may be a bit more difficult to insure and protect the house. The inheritance individual could be held liable should a person get hurt on the property. As well, we have the vacant inherited property. When you say I’m “selling my inherited house in Dallas” and the property is vacant, you can almost guarantee that the house will be vandalized or burglarized in a short period of time. In Texas, most insurers will not insure a property if it’s vacant. With vandalism, comes theft of copper pipes, electrical wiring, damage to walls, windows ect… So, as a vacant, inherited house, it is very dangerous to leave the house alone. You must be looking at selling my inherited house in Dallas fast!

Looking At the Vacant Abandoned House Problem 


As we look at the vacant house, it will start to deteriorate when it’s unoccupied for a length of time. Remember, when you live in your home, you maintain the home on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. Small repairs are made, as well as small renovations to the house are made. In the outside of the house, the lawn is kept maintained, the bushes are trimmed and you may even plant a garden in back or front of the house. Bottom line with all of this is, a vacant inherited house is an eye sour from a distance and up close.  Do you need to sell a house fast in Dallas? We buy houses in Dallas  and  We buy ugly houses in Dallas . You can sell your house fast in Dallas in it’s ‘as-is-condition’ quickly! At Robert Buys Houses DFW we have been buying and selling houses in Dallas-Fort Worth since 2001. We know what we are talking about when we say you need to sell that vacant house before it becomes a target of vandals, if it hasn’t already. We have looked at hundreds of houses that were inherited. The individual who inherited the property didn’t sell due to guilt issues. WHAT?

By the time we go look at the vacant inherited house it’s in terrible condition and the seller wants current value for the house, which is not going to happen. Now they wonder why they can’t get current value. Once they walk through the inside of they’re inherited house and see all the damage, due to they’re neglect, they feel ashamed for letting it get so bad. We buy houses in Dallas  and we buy ugly houses in Dallas  for a reason. Here is one of those reasons. Some people who have inherited a house have even mentioned that the Probate court should help us with this issue of damage to the house while having to waiting for two years, while the property went through probate. Not a chance that will happen! Remember, it is your responsibility! The longer the house remains vacant and unsold, the greater the potential for vandalism and the property may become a tax liability. That’s because most Texas homeowners take a homestead exemption to lower property taxes on their residences. Now, when that homeowner dies, however, that particular discount or homestead exemption no longer applies. When it you go to selling my inherited house in Dallas  at the closing. You will find that that exemption is gone and you will be paying the difference in taxes. Why do people that have inherited a property never consider this?

So, when you say I’m “selling my inherited house in Dallas”  and you need to sell it fast, call or text the phone number below, as we buy houses in Dallas  and we can close in (5) days if needed or better yet, you pick the closing date that best suite you schedule. Either way, just contact us today!


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