Selling Probate Property in Texas

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Selling probate property in Texas can be a headache for some who do not understand what to do, first. Yes, it is a bit different than simply selling your house with any realtor, as you have rules to follow, such as if there is a Will and Last Testament of the deceased. Should there be no Will and Last Testament of the deceased, then you in good shape, as for selling a house fast in Dallas, Tx. Reason why, you do not need to go through probate court if there is no Will. All you do need in Texas is an Affidavit of Heirship (AoH), click here for more information about the (AoH). which can be provided and completed by a Title company Attorney. There is no need to wait up to 4 years for a probate court to clear everything.

At Robert Buys Houses DW, we have been buying houses in Dallas-Fort worth since 2001.  During that time we have used the same local Dallas, Tx. title company as we have never experienced any problems or issues in receiving a clean title after buying real estate. Yes, it’s a bit different ball game, but it bets having to pay Attorney fees, court cost and other fees that may apply. Plus, we pay for the (AoH) for you. As well, you can use the (AoH) for other purposes such as transferring car titles, accessing bank account and safe deposit boxes, as well as insurance purposes.

How to Selling Probate Property in Texas

Now, should you intend on going through the probate court process, expect to wait up to 4 years to finalize the process. If you can wait that long prior to selling probate property in Texas, then you in good shape. A word of caution. Do Not allow the decedent property to sit vacant for a long period of time. Vandals out there will see the house as vacant and they will make they’re inside the house. So, know that selling probate property in Texas, can be completed faster.

Probate is a court supervised, legal procedure where heirs  and beneficiaries will legally take control of any financial and physical property and assets, that were promised to them with a will. All debts must be cleared in the estate prior to any monies will be transferred and exchanged.

Probate court keeps a very close eye on an estate as it goes through probate court, and that is why we have probate court in order to prevent fraud after someone dies. Typically the decedent’s house will be burglarized, stripped of any belongings, and before you know it the family members who were promised a share of the estate, receive nothing at all , after all debts are pair and the selling probate property in Texas is done. As all States have they’re own and different probate laws. To review Probate Laws in Texas click here, as they involve timelines, deadlines they also require detailed rules and paperwork, and a specific order of operations everyone must follow.

So, avoid all the pitfalls that can and will arise. Prevent the delays and problems by following the rules as they are set by the probate court before selling probate property in Texas. You can also contact us when ready at Robert Buys Houses DFW (214) 723-1304. We will be happy to sit down with you and walk you through the process of how probate works and what you can do to sell your house fast and easy with no problems or issues.
Once we have done this, you will feel more comfortable when you are ready to sell your inherited property in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 
Here are a few things can happen when you hire an inexperienced professional as your representative going before a probate court. We can all get by with a little help from our friends, but be careful.When it comes to probate, you will not survive selling probate property in Texas, without a lot of quality help from experienced probate attorney. Also, an experienced realtor who knows the neighborhood or subdivision of the property in question. Whether the probate court assigned you or you were named the executor in the decedent’s will, you will need a team when it comes to selling probate property in Texas.

Attorney’s and Realtors What Can Go Wrong?

Probate attorney’s will gather a lot of informaiton needed by the court and it’s also the attorney’s job to draft and file petitions from the probate court, speak on your behalf to the presiding judge and be sure all court fees are paid in full, be sure you have obtained the collected money from the life insurance, help solve any income taxes, property taxes and simply be a general advisor thoughout the whole process.

Your newly hired realtor walk you through the details of selling probate property in Texas, and the transaction, including listing the property, contracts and other documentation specific to Texas probate regulations. A great realtor will also advise and help with managing thesale of the property. You need to keep in mind that should you hire the wrong realtor, and the property does not sell, we buy houses in Dallas and we pay cash for houses. You do no need to clean out the house, you don’t need to make any repairs, no realtor commissions or fees. We doall the paperwork for you and you choose the closing date that best fits you schedule. Or, we can close in (5) dayas if needed.

You need to consider what an attorney and realtor will cost you now and the long term. Attorney’s are not cheap and pride themselves on charging and over charging for their services. Call the probate court to ask what all is needed to process will for “Letters of Testamentary” and court cost. The clerk shoud give you an itemized but brief list of needs for you r attorney. Then you want to call around for an experienced attorney. During these phone calls, you need to make the attorney’s aware that yo know what is needed and that you don’t want to be over charged for services. Find out how long it will take to process your particular case.

When you contact realtors, make them all aware that you need an experienced realtor, not one that doesn’t understand the probate process, as you are selling a probate property in Texas. Click here to see what HomeLight says and has to offer, as well, you can find a quality realtor here. Not any realtor will do here. You must vet your probate professionals carefully and only hire those who you can get along with and are best suited for you task, not theirs. Should you check referrences? YES! On both of these people and there teams. Just remember, this is your interview hiring time, not theirs.


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